Accommodation in a double room

16 double rooms equipped with 2 standard beds and an extra bed(folding armchairs),satellite TV, minibar ,a bathroom with a bath. Meant for 2 adults and 1 child. Providing a double room for 3 adults is not allowed.

4 double rooms with separate beds meant for a maximum of 2 adults/1 adult and 1 child.

Prices and terms

Types of premises

Provided food



until 17.06 and after 10.09

18.06-01.07 and 27.08. - 09.09


Double room 2+1


51.00 BGN

58.00 BGN

83.00 BGN

Single room 1+1


66.00 BGN

73.00 BGN

98.00 BGN


Prices are in leva for 1 person per day including breakfast, 9% VAT, hotel insurance and tourist tax.

  • Minimum 3 adults in a studio.
  • Minimum 2 adults in a hotel suit with 1 bedroom.
  • Minimum 4 adults in a hotel suit with 2 bedrooms.

Children’s discounts


Type of accomodation:

Type of premise:


From 2 to 11,99 years

On an extra bed with 2 adults/2+1

Double room


From 2 to 11,99 years

On a regular bed with 1 adult/ 1+1

Double room


From 2 to 11,99 years

On a regular and an extra bed with 1 adult/1+2

Double room

1х100% and 1х50%

from SG rate

Baby to 2 years

-100%(doesn’t use and pay for services). The baby cot is free.


  • Lunch – 16lv/ for an adult; 8lv/ for a child;
  • Dinner – 28lv/for an adult; 8lv/ for a child;
  • Lunch and dinner for an adult: 33lv;
  • Lunch and dinner for a child; 12 lv.
  • Booking confirmation was made after 50% prepayments!

Special Offers